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Administrative Orders are provided here in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). Administrative Orders are made available online only for orders issued from 1999 to the present.


  • Orders are listed by issue date (most recent at the top).
  • To search orders in a specific year, select the Year in the dropdown box in Release Date field (do not select a month), enter the search terms or title and click the gold “Search” button.
    • To view a listing of all AOs in the year, do not enter search terms or title.
  • To search orders across all years, enter the search terms or title and click the gold “Search” button.
  • To search orders across limited years, enter the dates in the Release Range field, enter search terms or title, and click the gold “Search” button.


  1. Add quotation marks ” ” around search terms to search for an exact phrase.
  2. Click the Date or Name column (aka AO Title) to change the sort order of the search results