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In partnership with the community, the PTI Drug Court Program is a cost-effective, holistic approach to reducing previous criminal behavior by offering qualified substance abuse offenders the tools necessary to lead a productive drug-free, and crime-free life.


Recognizing the need for an alternative to prosecution and incarceration for drug offenders, Brevard County implemented the PTI Drug Court Program in 1994. Modeled after nationally recognized drug courts, it offers a continuum of drug education and treatment alternatives for felony drug offenders. The court proceedings are unique in that they are non-adversarial in nature with a dedicated Drug Court Judge who oversees each participant’s progress. The Drug Court Judge places the defendants in the program, monitors their progress, and orders dismissal of the charge (or charges) when all program objectives have been satisfied. The Judge’s actions in Drug Court are not strictly to punish, but to hold the defendants accountable for their actions while receiving substance abuse treatment.

Drug Court in Brevard County is part of a Program known as Pretrial Intervention (PTI). PTI Drug Court is a program of intensive supervision and treatment which is considered necessary for the rehabilitation of participants and the safety of the general public. Drug Court clients are supervised by the Department of Corrections until they graduate. Failure to comply will result in the criminal case being sent back to criminal court docket. Each phase is designed to become easier as the participant progresses.


    1. Phase 1 will be very intensive drug treatment. As they progress and show compliance, they will become eligible for Phase 2.
    2. Phase 2, which will include a step down in treatment. When they have shown they are on a solid path to success, they will be eligible for Phase 3 and enter Aftercare.
    3. Upon completion of Phase 3 they will be eligible for graduation. Everyone in the program is required to perform 50 hours of community service because everyone in the program must give something back to the community.

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Unlike some other court programs, PTI Drug Court does not allow “buyouts” of community service hours, and it requires that all hours be completed thirty (30) days prior to the graduation date. OUR GOAL FOR PARTICIPANTS—FREEDOM FROM ADDICTIVE CHEMICALS, AND FREEDOM FROM THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM.