Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Courts
Serving the Citizens of Brevard and Seminole Counties


The court having determined that Judge Melissa Souto should not hear cases in which attorney Michelle A. Barry, it is ORDERED that all pending or newly filed cases in which Michelle A. Barry, Bar# 35363, appears as attorney of record for any party shall be reassigned to the next judge in rotation pursuant to pending or existing administrative orders.


It is hereby Ordered that the following administrative judges be appointed on July 9, 2024.

24-03-s 3rd Amended

Assignment of Circuit Judges to Divisions: The circuit judges assigned to the divisions of the court from November 1, 2023, until June 30, 2024, are as follows:
Division A: Melanie Chase – Criminal
Division B: Melissa Souto – Juvenile/Probate/Guardianship/Mental Health
Division E: William S. Orth – Criminal
Division G: Michael J. Rudisill – Civil/Family
Division J: Jessica Recksiedler – Criminal
Division K: Christopher Sprysenski – Civil/Family
Division L: Mark E. Herr – Civil/Family
Division M: Donna M. Goerner – Criminal
Division P: John Galluzzo – Juvenile/Probate/Guardianship/Mental Health
Division W: Susan Stacy – Civil/Family
Assignment of County Court Judges to Divisions:
The county court judges assigned to the divisions of the court from April 1, 2024, until December 21, 2024 are as follows:
Division C: James Joseph Dekleva – County Criminal
Division F: Sylvia Grunor – County Civil
Division R: Carsandra Buie – County Criminal
Division S Wayne Culver – County Civil
Division U John L. Woodard, III – County Criminal
Division Z: Debra L. Krause – County Criminal

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