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Brevard Online Dispute Resolution

ODR is an online platform that is used by parties in a small claims lawsuit to negotiate a settlement by communicating directly with each other. To use ODR, parties, and attorneys use their smartphone, computer, or tablet at any time prior to the Pretrial Conference, including evenings and weekends. By using this platform, they may be able to settle the case on their own terms. If so, court appearances for this case may not be necessary. There is no cost for ODR or mediation.

Brevard ODR Center

If you live in Brevard County you should follow the directions located here.

Seminole ODR Center

If you live in Seminole County you should follow the directions located here.

10 Easy Steps

Instructions On How To E-File Non-Attorney Designation Form in ten easy steps.

What do I need to participate in Brevard's ODR?

To be considered for ODR, parties need the following:

  1. A Small Claims case filed in Brevard County, FL
  2. Access to a smartphone, computer, or tablet
  3. Each party, or attorney if represented, must file a proper Email designation form.

For litigants who do not have an attorney, the Non-Attorney Designation of Email Address form should be filed with the Clerk of Court within 10 days of service of the summons. The form is included with the summons package and may also be found at

NOTE: The Email designation form must be filed using one of these options:

  1. E-File via the Clerk of Court portal: Step-by-step instructions are below. OR
  2. Hand deliver to any of their office locations; see website for details – OR
  3. Mail to Clerk of Court: Rachel M. Sadoff, Clerk of Court, P. O. Box 219, Titusville, FL 32781-0129

Do not send it to the Brevard ODR email.

Approximately six weeks prior to your Pretrial Conference date:

  • After the Email Designation is filed, send a courtesy email to including your name, case number, and Pretrial Conference date, informing us of the filing.
  • Allow up to 10 business days for processing and entering your case into ODR.

Approximately four weeks prior to your Pretrial Conference date:

  • Look for an invitation email from in your inbox or spam/junk folders. The invitation email will contain a link to access your case in the ODR platform.
  • Begin productive communications with the other party by following the prompts in the platform.
  • If an agreement is reached, a payment stipulation will be populated in ODR. Each party should review and electronically sign it if they agree with its terms.
  • Access to your case in ODR is 24/7 until 12:00 AM of your ODR deadline date.

Five calendar days prior to your Pretrial Conference Date:

  • Access to your case in ODR will be closed.
  • If there is no agreement between the parties using ODR, parties must attend Pretrial Conference as scheduled.

Instructions On How To E-File Non-Attorney Designation Form


Step 1:

Step 2:

If you already registered, enter your log in information. If you are not already registered, register as a Self-represented litigant.

Step 3:

When you’ve logged in, it should bring you to the e-filing map.
If not, select ‘E-Filing Map’ in the upper right corner of the browser.

Step 4:

Select the blue bar labeled ‘File Now’.

Step 5:

Under ‘Case Information’, enter the county BREVARD; the division COUNTY CIVIL; year of your case 20??; sequence 0????? (6-digit number in the case number); and court type SMALL CLAIMS.
Click Search.

Confirm that your case appears under the headline PLEADING ON EXISTING CASE at the top of the site.

Step 6:

Click ‘Next’.

Step 7:

Under ‘Documents’, click on ‘Add’.
Then scroll/click through the pages until you find non-attorney email designation.
Select that option.
Upload your document.
Then, click ‘Save’.

Step 8:

Confirm that your document is uploaded.

Step 9:

Under ‘Service List’, select all whom you would like served electronically, if any (usually the other party is served).
Click ‘Next’.

Step 10:

Under ‘Review and Submit’, click ‘Submit’.
You should see a confirmation in a few seconds that says your document was successfully uploaded and a confirmation number.

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