ODR is an online platform that is used by parties in a small claims lawsuit to negotiate a settlement by communicating directly with each other. To use ODR, parties, and attorneys use their smartphone, computer, or tablet at any time prior to the Pretrial Conference, including evenings and weekends. By using this platform, they may be able to settle the case on their own terms. If so, court appearances for this case may not be necessary.

Why Use Online Dispute Resolution?

Let our online process guide you through each step to help you reach an agreement outside the courtroom.

What this means for you:

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Save Time. Your time is valuable and by utilizing the Online Dispute Resolution system offered by the 18th Circuit you can make the most of it.
monitor icon Skip the courthouse and utilize the convenience of modern vitrual technology via smart phone, tablets, or a computer.
calendar icon Manage your case when you have time, not just when the court is open.

What do I need to participate in ODR?

To be considered for ODR, parties need the following:

1.) A Small Claims case filed in either Brevard or Seminole County, FL

2.) Access to a smartphone, computer, or tablet

3.) Each party, or attorney if represented, must file a proper Email designation form either electronically or in-person:

a.) Register or Sign-In to the E-Portal Account via to file electronically.

If you do not have an attorney, submit your "Role" as Self-Represented Litigant.


b.) For cases in Seminole County, file in-person at the Criminal Justice Center at 101 Eslinger Way, Sanford, FL 32773.
For cases in Brevard County, mail your Email designation form to the Clerk of Court, PO Box 219, Titusville, FL 32781-0129.

If you qualify to participate, choose your county below to begin the process.

For litigants who do not have an attorney, the Non-Attorney Designation of Email Address form should be filed with the Clerk of Court within 10 days of service of the summons. The form is included with the summons package. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Still have questions? Look at our Frequently Asked Questions at top of this page if still have questions contact us. 

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