Judge Blaue’s Policies Page

Judge Scott Blaue’s Policies and Procedures Page


01. Judge Blaue’s Policies & Procedures Division D
02. Standing Order on Policies and Procedures in Division D
03.0 Professionalism Handbook
  03.1 Professionalism Definition – Creed and Oath Admission
  03.2 Professionalism Expectations – The Florida Bar Standing Committee on Professionalism
  03.3 Guidelines for Professional Conduct – Trial Lawyers
04. The Florida Bar Best Practices Guide for Remote Court Proceedings
05. Trial Conduct and Courtroom Decorum Policy
06. Florida Civil Discovery Handbook
07. Standing Order Discovery – Division D
08. Division D Guidelines Regarding Privilege Logs and Procedures for In Camera Review
09-0 Guidelines Regarding Compulsory Medical Examination with Exhibit A
  09-1 Order Regarding Rule 1.360 Examination without Exhibit Stamp Protected
10-0 Standing Order on Protected Health Information with Exhibit A Signed
  10-1 Order HIPAA Protected Information without Exhibit Stamp Protected
11-0 Standing Order on ESI with Exhibit A Signed
  11-1 Stipulation on ESI
12. Procedures for Setting Daubert Type Hearings
13. Procedures Non-Default Motion Summary Judgment Pleading Schedule Hearing
14. Agreed Case Managment Order Regarding Settlement Template
15. Guidelines Regarding Approval of Minors Settlement
16. Procedures on Motion to Tax Costs and Award Attorney Fees
17. Standing Order RE Closing Argument Civil Signed
18. Pretrial Conference Checklist Fillable
19. Pretrial Conference Order Protected


Judge Scott Blaue’s Foreclosure Trial Dockets
Judge Scott Blaue’s Jury/Non-Jury Trial Dockets