Judge Segal will be taking over Judge Speicher’s family cases effective July 1, 2024.
There are six (6) cases that are now set for trial from which Judge Robert Segal cannot hear. Therefore, the below cases should be reassigned accordingly.
Fortier v Fortier – 23-DR-021677 – set for case management conference 3/8/2024
Milburn v Gonzalez – 22-DR-044296 – set for trial 9/2/2024
Harris v Harris – 22-DR-023469 – set for trial 10/1/2024
Riordan v Thakur 22-DR-033183 – set for trial 11/1/2024
Hensley v Hensley – 18-DR-057743 – set for trial 12/2/2024
Desjarllais DiMeo v DiMeo – 22DR055979 – set for trial 12/2/2024
DONE AND ORDERED this 27th day of February, 2024.