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Digital Court Reporting

Digital Court Recording Terms and Conditions

The general public may have access to digitally recorded court proceedings, with the exception of those that are deemed confidential. Proceedings that are confidential in nature, such as Juvenile Dependency or Delinquency, may only be obtained with a signed court order.


Presently, there are two ways to receive a copy of digitally recorded court proceedings; a typed transcript, or an uploaded audio/visual recording. If you have requested an uploaded audio/visual recording, it will be reviewed for privileged communications.

Please note, pursuant to the law of the State of Florida a written transcript must be provided to the Court for all exceptions/objections to hearings by a General Magistrate. See Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12.920(a) for more information.

Cost of Recordings

Attorney or Party to the Case Agreement

General Public Agreement



Uploaded Recording:

  • In accordance with FS 29.0195, if you are a party to the case and/or the attorney of record the fee will be $25.00 (includes shipping & handling). ALL CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS MUST BE MADE OUT TO THE STATE OF FLORIDA. CASH AND CREDIT CARDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • If you are not a party to the case or attorney of record, there will be a $25.00 fee, plus a review and redaction fee of $.38 per minute. For example, the recording of an hour-long proceeding would cost $47.80 ($25 fee + 60 minutes X .38 per minute). Once the request form is received, the Digital Recording Office will contact you with the cost of your order. No orders will be processed until payment is received. ALL CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS MUST BE MADE OUT TO THE STATE OF FLORIDA. CASH AND CREDIT CARDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Requests for digital recordings will not be processed until full payment is received. Normal turnaround time is 10 to 14 business days after payment is received, however if a recording of a jury trial is being requested, it can take up to 30 days to fill the order.

Written Transcripts:

  • Upon receipt of the completed transcript request form, a court reporter will contact you with the estimate for the transcript and make financial arrangements with you.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Written transcript requests will not be processed until quote is agreed to and payment arrangements have been made.



Prohibition Against Dissemination

  • The audio recording of the court proceedings provided to you upon your request may contain information that is confidential or exempt from public disclosure under Florida or federal law. Dissemination of this recording to any other person is strictly prohibited, except as permitted by law, rule, or court order. You are not allowed to redact the recording in an attempt to disseminate it in violation of this Prohibition. Only the Court may redact and/or disseminate recordings that contain confidential information. Violation of this prohibition may subject you to legal action, including but not limited to an action for contempt of court.
  • I acknowledge that if I am an attorney of record or party in the proceedings I am requesting. I have read the Prohibition Against Dissemination set forth above and understand that further dissemination of the audio recording provided to me is strictly prohibited. I understand violation of this prohibition may subject me to an action for contempt of court.
  • By my submission, I acknowledge, understand, accept and agree to comply with the Prohibition Against Dissemination for the audio recording I receive from the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit.



  • Members of the general public may obtain a copy of this recording through a request to the Digital Court Reporting Office, unless the recording is protected from public disclosure by court order, or Florida Law. Prior to the release of the recording to a member of the general public, the Digital Court Reporting Office will review the recording for confidential or exempt information and redact such information from the recording.
  • The Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court reserves all rights to the recording provided. Any unauthorized modification, enhancement or alteration to the digital recording’s original format will constitute a violation of this agreement with the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit. By my submission, the purchaser of the recording is agreeing to the terms and conditions herein stated; failure to comply with any portion of this agreement will result in the imposition of sanctions against the signatory.

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