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Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Courts
Serving the Citizens of Brevard and Seminole Counties

Courtroom Decorum Rules

The dignity of the court is to be respected and maintained at all times.

Attire for counsel and spectators should be restrained and appropriate to the dignity of a court of the State of Florida.

Most courtroom proceedings are recorded either by an official court reporter or by an electronic digital recording system; counsel should be aware that private conversations among individuals at the counsel tables may be picked up by the recording system through the courtroom microphones.

All parties are expected to follow these rules.

Dress Appropriately

  • Court business is very important. Shorts, tank or halter tops, undershirts, sunglasses and hats are forbidden. The judges have the authority to ban persons not appropriately dressed from participating in the proceedings.

Cell Phones, Pagers and Other Electronic Devices

  • Cell phones and pagers should be left at home and not brought to the courthouse. The use of cell phones and/or pagers in the courtroom is strictly prohibited.

Speaking Etiquette & Interruptions

  • A court proceeding is not a free-for-all where people can say whatever they want whenever they feel like it.
  • Parties do not speak unless they are directed by the judge or lawyer to speak, then speak only to the judge or lawyer.
  • A party never speaks directly to the other spouse in court.
  • Interruptions, sarcasm, insults, and unresponsive answers will not be tolerated.
  • Do not start arguments with or threaten anyone.
  • The judge has the authority to hold you in contempt of court or expel anyone from the courtroom who hinders the orderly conduct of business.

Disruptive and Antagonistic Behavior

  • While it is expected that the parties may be upset when they come to court, they are expected to keep their anger and other offensive behavior under control.

Proposed Guidelines While in Court

  • Court business is important, valuable, and orderly. The following are guidelines for all courtrooms and hearing rooms of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit.
  • Arrive a few minutes early.
  • Always be calm and respectful during court.
  • As a general rule, parties should speak only when the judge or an attorney requests them to do so.
  • Dress in a manner that is not distracting. Some judges may ask you to leave the court proceeding if your clothing is distracting or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Mobile phones and portable electronic devices should be in silent mode. Some judges may not allow mobile phones or devices in court.

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