Procedures for setting Circuit Civil Trials in Brevard County

Brevard County Procedures

for Setting Circuit Civil Trials

Case Management Plan and proposed Case Management Order re: AO NO: 21-24:

  1. Using the guidelines set-forth in the Case Management Plan the parties are to agree to cut-off deadlines and a projected trial month and year and include the number of days expected for trial. These documents can be obtained at 
  2. The proposed Case Management Order should match the agreed upon cut-off deadlines and projected trial month and year that have been agreed upon in the Case Management Plan.
  3. The Case Management Plan is to be E-filed. Do not E-file the proposed Case Management Order.
  4. A courtesy copy of the Case Management Plan along with the proposed Case Management Order are to be sent to and The proposed Case Management Order is to be provided as a separate Word document.

 Notice for Trial:

  1. A Notice for Trial is required to be filed in Brevard County when a case is at issue.
  2. Include Joanna Linkous,, and Jennie Buono, on the E-Service list when filing the Notice on the E-Filing Portal,
  3. Cases are reviewed within thirty (30) days of filing Notice.
  4. The Notice for Trial shall contain the number of days needed for the entire case to be presented (including jury selection, opening, presentation of plaintiff and defense cases, closing, and jury deliberation) and whether jury or non-jury is requested.
  5. If opposing counsel or Pro se (self-represented) party desire more time for trial, they shall immediately file a response to the Notice for Trial.
  6. Do not send hard copies of the Notice or stamped envelopes to the judge or trial coordinators.

Jury trials and Non-jury trials (including Residential Foreclosure): 

  1. Trials will be set in accordance with the projected date of trial indicated in the Case Management Order filed in each case pursuant to Administrative Order 21-24: In Re: Civil Case Management.
  2. The parties will receive a Trial Order with a firm trial date once the case is at issue in accordance with Rule 1.440 R.Civ.P.

Order of Trials:

  1. Entered approximately six (6) weeks prior to the trial docket.
  2. Will notify how the cases are called up and contact information needed prior to trial docket.

Pre-Trial Conferences: 

  1. Date will be set and included in the Trial Order.
  2. Pre-Trial Stipulations are required.

For more information on trial procedures, please review the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure on The Florida Bar website.

For assistance with the setting of Civil Trials in Brevard County, please contact:

Joanna Linkous321-633-2128, or Jennie Buono321-637-5303,