24-03-s 3rd Amended

Assignment of Circuit Judges to Divisions: The circuit judges assigned to the divisions of the court from November 1, 2023, until June 30, 2024, are as follows:
Division A: Melanie Chase – Criminal
Division B: Melissa Souto – Juvenile/Probate/Guardianship/Mental Health
Division E: William S. Orth – Criminal
Division G: Michael J. Rudisill – Civil/Family
Division J: Jessica Recksiedler – Criminal
Division K: Christopher Sprysenski – Civil/Family
Division L: Mark E. Herr – Civil/Family
Division M: Donna M. Goerner – Criminal
Division P: John Galluzzo – Juvenile/Probate/Guardianship/Mental Health
Division W: Susan Stacy – Civil/Family
Assignment of County Court Judges to Divisions:
The county court judges assigned to the divisions of the court from April 1, 2024, until December 21, 2024 are as follows:
Division C: James Joseph Dekleva – County Criminal
Division F: Sylvia Grunor – County Civil
Division R: Carsandra Buie – County Criminal
Division S Wayne Culver – County Civil
Division U John L. Woodard, III – County Criminal
Division Z: Debra L. Krause – County Criminal