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STAY HEALTHY & STAY TUNED – March 26, 2020

Message From Chief Judge Lisa Davidson:

Our courts are open to administer justice; to preserve public safety; and to resolve public health issues on an expedited basis. For these reasons, we continue to handle all essential and emergency matters. By postponing nonessential court proceedings, we have significantly reduced public traffic to our courthouses. We have also employed video and teleconferencing whenever possible, in order to conduct our essential business in ways that limit personal contact.

I am proud to report that we have judges and staff who continue to report to work to make sure that essential justice services are being provided. It has been heartening for me to see how our judges and stakeholders in the legal community are working together to fulfill our constitutional duties while doing our part to stop the spread of the Corona virus. Clearly, the consequences of a pandemic of this magnitude will be felt in our future court dockets. But knowing our judges and staff like I do, I have no doubt we will be ready to meet the challenge.

Please note, due to the nature of the pandemic, our planning and response efforts may evolve from week to week, and day to day, based on the directives from the Florida Supreme Court and public health authorities. We ask everyone to check our website and social media accounts for daily news and updates. Stay informed and stay well!


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Emergency Management – Covid-19 – Mortgage Foreclosure and Eviction Relief.
Governor’s Executive Order 20-94

Emergency Management – Covid-19 – Reemployment Assistance Program
Governor’s Executive Order 20-93

Emergency Management – Covid-19 – Essential Services and Activities During COVID-19 Emergency.
Governor’s Executive Order 20-91


Florida Supreme Court COVID-19 Alternative Dispute Resolution Educational and Certification Requirements.
Administrative Order AOSC20-24

Florida Supreme Court COVID-19 Emergency Procedures in the Florida State Courts.
Administrative Order AOSC20-23

Extension of Judicial Electronic Filing Reporting Deadline.
Administrative Order AOSC20-22

Florida Supreme Court Procedures for Extension of CJE Reporting Deadlines.
Administrative Order AOSC20-21

Florida Supreme Court Emergency Procedures in Relation to Spoken Language Court Interpreter Regulations.
Administrative Order AOSC20-20

Florida Supreme Court Procedures for speedy trial in non-criminal traffic infraction proceedings.
Administrative Order AOSC20-19

Assigning the Judges Listed to All Other Circuits and Counties.
Assignment order 2020-92

Florida Supreme Court Procedures In Relation To Visitation Under the Protective Supervision of the Department of Children and Families.
Administrative Order AOSC20-18

Covid-19 Emergency Measures in the Florida State Courts.
Administrative Order AOSC20-17

Emergency Procedures for the Administering of Oaths via Audio-Video Communications.
Administrative Order AOSC20-16

Covid-19 Essential and Critical Trial Proceedings.
Administrative Order AOSC20-15

Covid-19 Emergency Procedures in the Florida State Courts.
Administrative Order AOSC20-13

Response of the Florida State Courts System to Corona Virus.
Administrative Order AOSC20-12


Covid 19 Procedures for speedy trial in non-criminal traffic infraction proceedings.
Administrative Order 20-17 Amended

Criminal – Bail for Covid-19 Violation.
Administrative Order AO-20-19

Domestic Relations – Covid-19 Visitation & Timesharing Guidelines.
Administrative Order AO-20-18

Juvenile Covid-19 Emergency Procedures for Juvenile Dependency Visitation Practices.
Administrative Order AO-20-16 – Amended

Eighteenth Circuit Continuation of Operations Based Upon Covid-19 Needs.
Circuit Administrative Order AO-20-15 – Amended