Procedures for setting Circuit Civil Trials in Brevard County

Brevard County Procedures for

Case Management Plan, Order, and Setting Trials


(as required in AO NO: 24-06 Amended)

Under the directive of AO 24-06, Amended, parties are to agree to a specific trial docket upon which the case is to be placed. All trial dockets for the Circuit Civil Judges have been placed on the Court’s website for review.  Place the date of the first day of the desired trial docket in the Case Management Plan Order. Indicate in the appropriate box the expected number of days that will be needed to try the case and if the trial shall be a jury or a non-jury trial. The deadlines in the Case Management Plan Order are fixed by the Court. These deadlines are not to be changed. Your case will be placed on the docket reflected in the Case Management Plan Order without the need to file a Notice for Trial, and the parties are expected to plan accordingly and to calendar all specific deadlines reflected in the Case Management Plan Order.

All pro se parties and/or counsel must sign the plan to acknowledge agreement. These documents can be obtained at

The online trial dockets can be found at the following link (by clicking Other Non-JACs Dockets and Calendars):

Attorney Resources

Circuit Judges in Brevard County will not accept unilateral Case Management Plans unless the parties have been defaulted or have otherwise received permission from the assigned judge due to unique circumstances. If no agreement is reached or if the Case Management Plan Order is not filed and submitted by the due date in AO 24-06 Amended, the court will sua sponte issue a Case Management Plan Order.

Any changes to the Case Management Plan Order will be considered by the court only upon the filing of an appropriate motion.


Agreed upon Case Management Plan Orders are to be emailed to the following addresses according to the assigned division:

Judge Blaue:

Judge Jacobus:

Judge Paulk:

Judge Naberhaus:

All foreclosure Case Management Plan Orders for all four divisions are to be emailed to:



Jury trials and non-jury trials (including residential foreclosure cases)

  1. A case will be placed on the trial docket selected by the parties in the Case Management Plan Order and the parties shall plan accordingly. The Court will issue an Order Setting the Pre-Trial Conference and Trial Date within at least 120 days before the projected trial docket.
  2. Parties may file a Notice for Trial or a Motion for Trial if they are ready for trial more than 120 days before the designated trial date. In that instance, Plaintiff shall confer with opposing counsel/party regarding the new trial docket and the anticipated length of the trial then file a Notice or Motion for Trial. The Plaintiff shall forward a copy of the Notice or Motion to the case manager for the assigned division as indicated below.
  3. Do not send hard copies of the Motion or Notice or stamped envelopes to the judge or case managers.



An Order of Trials will be issued after the court holds the pre-trial conferences for each trial docket.  

For more information on trial procedures, please review the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure on The Florida Bar website.

For assistance with the setting of Civil Trials in Brevard County, please contact:

Divisions L and T: Joanna Linkous, 321-633-2128,

Divisions D and M: Latifah Ferron, 321-637-2098,

For assistance with the setting of foreclosure trials in Brevard County, please contact:

Lola Merrick 321-264-7700,