JACs Instructions for Attorneys

  1. Go to www.flcourts18.org
  2. Click on (across top) “Attorney Resources
  3. Click tab “JACs Dockets and Calendars
  4. Click on the 2nd option titled “Schedule a Hearing (JACs)
  5. Click on “Scheduling Functions
  6. Enter Attorney User ID and Password
  7. Select Court (Judge hearing is being set for)
  8. Click “Log In
  9. Click on “Schedule an In-Person Hearing
  10. Select a motion type. (If the type you need is not available, please contact the Judicial Assistant.)
  11. Select the available time duration.
  12. Leave the courtroom blank.
  13. Select date and time for the hearing you would like to set.
  14. Enter the case number. Do NOT use dashes in case number.
  15. Select if you represent plaintiff’s or defendant’s side.