JACS Instructions for Attorneys for Division K (Judge Nelson)

JACs Instructions for Attorneys

JACS Instructions for Attorneys for Division K

  1. Go to flcourts18.org using Internet Explorer works best with JACS
  2. Click on “Attorney & Citizen Resources”
  3. Under “Attorney Resources” and then, click option titled “Schedule a Hearing (JACS)”
  4. Click on “Scheduling Functions”
  5. Enter Attorney User ID (bar number) and Password- If you forgot your password contact JA to reset.
  6. Court- drop down and Select the Judge the hearing is set before.
  7. Click on “Schedule In-Person Hearing”
  8. Select a motion type. (If the type you need is not available, select other)
  9. Courtroom select either civil or family depending on type of hearing scheduled. This will direct you to the appropriate hearing time. We have Civil days and Family days. Judge McIntosh is using courtroom “J” to conduct her hearings, note this for your notice of hearing only. Do not select courtroom “J” on the drop down.
  10. Select date and time for the hearing you would like to set. If you need more than 15 minutes book as many 15 minute time slots you need up to 1 Hr.
  11. Enter the case number. Do NOT use dashes in case number.
  12. Select if you represent plaintiff or defendant.