Circuit Judge Vacancy Announcement

Brevard County courthouses will be open Monday, October 3, and court proceedings will resume as scheduled. Those who may have had hearings postponed due to Hurricane Ian should check with the presiding judge in their case to confirm the re-schedule date.

Seminole County Criminal Justice Center and Juvenile Justice Center Set to Reopen Monday, October 4. The Seminole County downtown Civil Courthouse is closed through Tuesday, October 4, due to area flooding and power outages. As a result, Judges and General Magistrates will determine if their proceedings will be held virtually or postponed to a future date. To confirm court schedules, contact the presiding officer.

NOTE: If power is restored on Tuesday and downtown road conditions allow, the Clerk’s Office will be open for filings on Wednesday, October 5.

All Court proceedings are canceled on October 5, in observance of Yom Kippur. For the latest information , follow us on social media Public Information Twitter Public Information Facebook